Generating references to the Web server

You can specify how other servers generate URL references to this Web server. This feature works only for servers that are in the same Domino® domain (share the same Domino® Directory).

About this task

A typical example of how this feature is used is that of a user performing a domain search from a browser. The user sends the search request to Server A, but some of the search hits are actually located in a database on Server B. When Server A generates the HTML for the search results page, it needs to create URL links to Server B for those hits. To create those links, Server A will look up the Server record for Server B in the Domino® Directory, and use the fields in Table 1 to generate the correct syntax for the URLs.


  1. Open the Server document you want to edit and click Edit Server.
  2. Choose Internet Protocols > Domino Web Engine. Under Generating References to this Server, complete these fields:
    Table 1. Fields used to generate syntax to Web server URLs



    Does this server use IIS?

    (Domino® 5.0x servers only) Specify whether this server uses the Microsoft IIS stack instead of the native Domino® HTTP stack.

    Note: This setting is used only if the server is Domino® 5.0x or earlier; Domino® 6 and later servers always generate IIS-compatible links.


    Indicate the protocol to be used in URL links to this server. Choices are HTTP and HTTPS (for SSL).

    Host name

    Indicate the fully-qualified host name to be used in URL links to this server; for example,

    Port number

    Indicate the port number to be used in URL links to this server. The default is 80, the standard HTTP port.


If Server A in the earlier example needs to generate a link to a database on Server B, and Server B's Server record has the fields set to the following values:

  • Protocol: HTTP
  • Host name:
  • Port number: 8081

then Server A will create the URL like this:

http://<database replica-id>/....