Deleting an ID vault

You can delete an ID vault. Before doing that you must delete all replicas except the one on the vault primary server.

Before you begin

To delete a vault, you must be a vault administrator, have access to the vault ID file and password, and have Editor access to the Domino® Directory.


  1. Open the Domino® Administrator and click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click the Security > ID Vaults view and select the vault document of the vault you are deleting. To see the current list of servers with replicas of the vault (vault servers), open the vault document.
    Note: If there are replicas of the vault, first select ID Vaults > Manage to delete all of them except the replica on the vault primary server.
  3. Select ID Vaults > Delete to delete the vault.


Domino® deletes the vault database from the IBM_ID_VAULT subdirectory on the vault primary server. If the vault database is open or is being accessed by a process, it cannot be deleted immediately and is instead marked for deletion. Once a day the server attempts to delete the vault database. Running the show idvaults command at the server console also attempts the deletion.

Domino® also:

  • Deletes all Vault Trust Certificates for the vault from the Security > Certificates view of the Domino® Directory.
  • Deletes the vault document from the Security > ID Vaults view of the Domino® Directory.
  • Removes the vault name from all Security Settings documents that specify it.

These Domino® Directory changes are made on the Domino® Directory administration server and replicate to other servers.