Configuring POP3 client software

After you set up a IBM® Domino® server to run the POP3 service, users can access their mail files on the Domino® server from any POP3 mail client. The POP3 service supports all POP3-compliant clients -- for example, the IBM® Notes® POP3 client, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express®, and Qualcomm Eudora.

The requirements for configuring POP3 client software differ for each product.

Table 1. General requirements for POP3 clients



Incoming mail (POP3) server

Fully qualified host name of Domino® POP3 server.

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server

The fully qualified host name of a server running SMTP to which the user can send mail addressed to intranet or Internet recipients. The SMTP server may be the Domino® server running the POP3 service, a different Domino® server, or a non-Domino SMTP server.

Authentication required to send outbound mail

Specifies whether the configured SMTP server requires users to provide a name and password before they can send outgoing messages.

Account/Login name

The name by which the user authenticates with the Domino® server. Valid user name values depend on the setting in the Internet authentication field of the Server document:

  • If the server is set to use More name variations with lower security, users can enter a login name that matches any entry in the First name, Last name, User name or Short name/UserID field of the Person document, as long as it is unique within the Domino® Directory, for example, SDaryn.
  • If the server uses Fewer name variations with higher security, a user's login name must match an entry in the User name field of the Person document, for example, Samantha Daryn/RENOVATIONS


The Internet password from the user's Person document.

Automatically delete mail documents from the POP3 server after the client copies them locally.

By default, when downloading messages from the server, most POP3 clients delete the server copy to conserve disk space. For users who read mail from both the Notes® client and a POP3 client, make sure the POP3 client is set to leave messages on the server.

POP3 client should check for mail no more than every five (5) minutes.

Determines how often the POP3 client checks for mail. If the client checks for mail more frequently, it may affect server performance.

E-mail address

The Internet address specified in the user's Person document.