Starting and stopping the Domino® Console

You can run the Domino® Console from any machine on which a Domino® server or the Domino® Administrator is installed. To use the Domino® Console to communicate with a Domino® server, the server must be running under a Server Controller.

To start the Domino® Console

About this task

For information on using the Domino® Console, choose Help > Help Topics from the Domino® Console menu.


  1. Make sure that the Domino® server or the Domino® Administrator is installed on the machine.
  2. Run the following command directly from the program directory, or from a directory path that points to the program directory:
    Note: The Domino® Console also starts by default when you start a Server Controller.

To stop the Domino® Console


  1. From the Domino® Console, choose File > Exit.
  2. If the Console is currently connected to a Server Controller, when you see the prompt Exiting the Console by disconnecting all active connections. Do you want to continue? do the following:
    1. To also stop a Domino® server and Domino® Server Controller running locally, select the option Also, bring down Domino (if running) and quit the local Server Controller - local server name.
    2. Click Yes.