Moving a database without using the Administration Process

Use this procedure to move a database to a server in another Domino® domain or to move a database when you do not have access to the Domino® Administrator. Do not use this procedure to move a mail file.

Before you begin

You must have the following access:
  • Create Replica access in the Server document of the destination server.
  • Manager with "Delete documents" access in the ACL of the original database.


  1. Choose File > Replication > New Replica to create a replica of the database on the destination server.
  2. Make a note of the file name and path of the original database. You will include this information when you notify users of the move.
  3. Choose File > Application > Delete to delete the original database.
  4. If the database receives mail, change the Mail-In Database document in the Domino® Directory to reflect the new location.
  5. In the ACLs of any replicas of the database, remove the name of the server that you moved the database from and add the name of the destination server.
  6. Notify users that you have moved the database.