Merging modified Stock entries into Modular documents

If you have modified any of the Stock entries provided by IBM®, migrate those modifications into Modular documents. During this procedure, you will migrate all of your customized Probable Cause, Possible Solution, and Corrective Action statements from modified Stock entries to Custom entries. You only need to perform this procedure once. Future modifications are protected from being overwritten during an upgrade.

About this task

The Server and Addin Task Event document is also called a Message document.


  1. Create a view that exposes the PC, PS, and CA statements and include that view in your original EVENTS4.NTF, your domain EVENTS4.NSF and the upgrade version of EVENTS4.NTF.
  2. Export to text the PC, PS, and CA statements in the Monitoring Configuration template (EVENTS4.NTF) from the version of Domino® that you are using.
  3. Export to text the customized PC, PS, and CA statements in the Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF) that you are using.
  4. Export to text the PC, PS, and CA statements in the new Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF), that is, the copy of EVENTS4.NSF that is included in the upgrade.
  5. Use a text comparison tool to compare the old EVENTS4.NTF and your EVENTS4.NSF text to determine which entries you have changed.
  6. Upgrade the Domino® server, which will automatically upgrade the content of EVENTS4.NSF.
  7. In the upgraded EVENTS4.NSF, open the view Advanced > Modular Documents.
  8. Click New Modular Document and create a new Modular document for each unique PC, PS, CA that you modified. (Each Modular document can be referenced by multiple Server and Addin Task Event documents.)
  9. Open the view Advanced > Event Messages by Text, or any other Messages document view.
  10. For each Server and Addin Task Event document that you have customized, complete these steps:
    • Select the message text and then click Edit Document.
    • Click Custom Entries.
    • Locate the Probable Cause, Possible Solution, or Corrective Action entry you want to update, and then click Modify.
    • Select the entry you want to reference in its place, and then click OK.
  11. Click Save and Close.