Managing databases with the Files tab

Use the Files tab to manage databases from the Domino® Administrator.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Files tab.
  2. Select one or more databases in the files pane.
  3. In the Tools pane, select Database and then select a tool described in the following table or drag selected database(s) to the tool.
    Table 1. Tools for database management

    Database tool


    Manage ACL

    Manages access control lists (ACLs)

    Create Replica

    Creates replicas of databases using the Administration Process server task


    Runs the Compact tool on databases

    Full-text index

    Manages full-text indexes

    Multi-Database Index

    Enables and disables multi-database indexing for databases

    Advanced Properties

    Set advanced properties that optimize performance

    Note: The Advanced Database Properties are available only to those administrators listed in the Administrators field on the Security tab of the Server document.


    Set quotas to limit the size of databases


    Moves databases using the Administration Process server task


    Signs databases or database templates with signatures that can be used for workstation data security


    Enables and disables replication of databases


    Runs the Fixup task to repair corrupted databases


    Manages databases in a cluster


    Runs a database analysis

    Find Note

    Finds a document based on Note ID or UNID and displays its properties to aid in troubleshooting

    Create DB Event Generator

    Monitors a database based on various criteria

    Manage Views

    Frees space used by view indexes