Managing database activity recording in databases

By default, Statlog reports database activity to all database User Activity dialog boxes when it runs. Even if a user disables User Activity reporting for a specific database, the next time Statlog runs, it enables recording in the dialog box again.

Disable automatic activity recording in User Activity dialog boxes

About this task

To prevent Statlog from automatically recording activity in User Activity dialog boxes, add No_Force_Activity_Logging=1 to the NOTES.INI file. Then, you can enable activity recording per database, as needed. Because recording activity in the User Activity dialog box adds 64K to the size of each database, disabling automatic activity recording saves disk space on the server.

Tip: Disable automatic activity recording to improve database performance.
Note: If you use No_Force_Activity_Logging, Statlog still reports activity to the log file (LOG.NSF).

Enable activity recording in a single database's User Activity dialog box

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Even if the server administrator uses the No_Force_Activity_Logging setting in the NOTES.INI file to disable automatic activity recording in databases, you can enable recording for a single database.


  1. Make sure that you have Manager access in the database ACL.
  2. Open the database and choose File > Application > Properties.
  3. Click the i tab, and then click User Detail.
  4. Select Record Activity to enable activity recording.
  5. Optional: Select Activity is Confidential to allow only users with at least Designer access in the database ACL to view the activity.
  6. Click OK.

Disable activity recording in a single database's User Activity dialog box

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Use the same procedure you used to enable activity recording, but deselect Record Activity in Step 4. Disabling activity recording also removes any existing activity statistics in the User Activity dialog box.