Enhancing the Administration Process through the Extension Manager

You can extend the Administration Process to enhance its current core functionality -- that is, processing all administration requests created through the Notes® user interface or by a Domino® server. Using the Extension Manager to extend the Administration Process, you can use the core Administration Process functionality and develop additional tasks based on Administration Process actions.

About this task

For more information on creating and using an Extension Manager program, see the Lotus® C API User Guide. For more information on creating an Extension Manager for the Administration Process, see the ProcessRequestEMCallback function entry in the Lotus® C API Reference.

Creating a third-party Administration Request

About this task

You can extend the Administration Process by creating an administration request directed to a third-party server add-in task that interprets the request and acts on it. When creating a third-party administration request, specify:

  • The Message Queue name in the ProxyProcess field of the request. The Administration Process uses this data to pass the request's and response's note IDs.
  • The Server name in the ProxyServer field of the request to identify the Domino® server on which the server add-in task is running.
  • A Text version of an identifier, greater than "5000," in the ProxyAction field.

The Administration Process acts on third-party requests by opening the message queue and placing a message with the IDs of the administration request and log notes in it. The add-in task monitors the message queue and then performs the required processing.

For information on creating a server add-in task that processes third-party administration requests, see the Lotus® C API User Guide.

To verify which task is processing a request

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Use these steps to verify whether AdminP or another task is processing an administration request. The ProxyProcess field is set by the program that created the request.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, choose Server > Analyses > Administration Requests.
  2. Open the All Requests by Action view.
  3. Select the request, right-click the mouse button and choose Document Properties.
  4. Click the Field tab, and then locate the ProxyProcess field which contains the name of the task that is processing the administration request.