Directory Probes

A directory probe monitors whether LDAP is configured and running correctly on Domino® servers, and reports on the use and overall health of the domain's directories.

Table 1. Directory probes you can define

Directory Probe name


Directory – Directory Availability

Monitors the availability of all directories being served by the server and reports any errors. The probe also reports on namesake update issues and local LDAP server issues.

This probe monitors the primary Domino® Directory, remote primary Domino® Directory (configuration-only databases), condensed directory catalogs, cascaded local directories, secondary Notes® directories, and secondary LDAP directories.

Directory – Directory Catalog Aggregation Schedule

Based on the Directory Catalog task schedule, this probe subtype monitors missed aggregations and aggregations in progress longer than expected.

Directory – Directory Catalog Creation

Monitors the Directory Catalog task process of creating directory catalogs by aggregating source directories into destination directory catalogs.

Directory – Directory Indexer Process State

Monitors whether the Directory Indexer task is running.

Directory – LDAP Process State

Monitors whether the LDAP process is running.

Directory – LDAP Search Response

Monitors the server's average search response time for LDAP searches. You may choose to monitor all searches executed on the server or limit monitoring to only the longest running searches stored in LDAP Server memory. Choosing the longest running searches option provides additional details on searches so they can be identified and addressed.

Directory – LDAP TCP Port Health

Monitors whether LDAP is listening on its ports and responding promptly.

Directory – LDAP View Update Algorithm

Monitors the LDAP view-update algorithm that is being used by the server.

The algorithm used in this probe can be temporarily overridden by the LDAPBatchAdds NOTES.INI setting.

Directory – NAMELookup Search Response

Monitors the average search response time of all NAMELookups performed on the server.

Directory – Secondary LDAP Search Response

Monitors the average search response time of searches of secondary LDAP servers that are performed on the server.