Creating a DDM server collection hierarchy

Use this procedure to create a DDM server collection hierarchy.

About this task

If you choose to define your own server collection hierarchy, you can specify the subordinate servers from which the collecting server collects DDM probe results.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click Files.
  2. Select and open the Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF).
  3. Choose Server Collection Hierarchy.
  4. Click New Server Collection Hierarchy.
    Table 1. Options for a server collection hierarchy



    How would you like to configure the server collection hierarchy?

    Choose one:

    • One server will collect from all servers in the domain -- The server collection hierarchy will have only one collection server that you specify.
    • Define the hierarchy -- The server collection hierarchy will consist of as many collection and monitoring servers as you specify.

    Choose the collecting server

    Choose a collecting server from the list.

    Enter a short description to identify the hierarchy (i.e., Mail Servers)

    Enter a description of the hierarchy. This description is used to identify the hierarchy you are creating.