Creating a database

Use the Domino® Administrator to create a database. You can use one of Domino's templates to create a database or you can choose Blank to use a "blank" template.

About this task

You must have the Domino® Designer client installed to make design changes to the database you create.

Many of the templates that ship with Domino® are master templates. Changes made to a master template are passed on to any databases created from that template unless you specify otherwise. If you plan to customize a database and want to prevent design changes, either deselect the Inherit future design changes option after you select a template, or deselect Inherit design from master template on the Design tab of the Database Properties box for the database.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, choose File > Application > New.
    Table 1. Options in the New dialog box




    Do one:

    • Select Local to store the database locally on your hard drive.
    • Enter the name of a server on which you want to store the database.


    Enter a database title. You can use a maximum of 96 characters

    File name

    Use the default file name or specify a unique file name of fewer than 32 characters, followed by the extension .NSF. If you are creating the database locally, specify a drive and directory in which to store the new database. For example, C:/Databases/mydbs.nsf. Otherwise, the database is stored in the Data directory. If you are creating the database on a server, specify the server and directory in which to store the database.

    Create full-text index for searching

    Choose this option to enable full text searching on your database. Full-text searching increases the speed of a text search.

  2. Optional: Click Encryption if you want to encrypt the database and require an appropriate user ID in order to open the database.
  3. Optional: Click Advanced to set advanced database properties for the database you are creating.
    Table 2. Advanced database properties




    Specify the name of the server that contains the template you are using to create the database.


    Choose a template from the list or choose Blank if you do not want to use a template.

    Show advanced templates

    Choose this option to select from all available Domino® templates.

    Inherit future design changes

    Choose this option to update the database design when the server task runs at night.

  4. Select Inherit future design changes if you want your database design to get updated when the nightly server task runs.
  5. Check Create full-text index for searching to speed searches on your new database.

What to do next

You can customize the ACL for a database that you create by updating the template's ACL with an entry that you specify. That is, you can specify an ACL entry such as [Alan Smythe/Sales/UK] and have that value copied when you create the NSF database. For information, see the topics that reference CreateFromTemplate in IBM® Domino® Designer 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.