Controlling the size of the Administration Requests Database

When administrators make full use of the Administration Process, a large number of request documents and resulting response Log documents are generated in the Administration Requests database (ADMIN4.NSF). This can cause the database to become quite large.

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In addition, Access Control List (ACL) management; Readers, Authors and Names fields management; and mail file management requests are processed by all servers in the domain. Resulting response Log documents are created with the status This name did not appear anywhere or This file is not on this server.

To prevent these types of documents from being saved, the field Store Admin Process log entries when status of no change is recorded on the Server Tasks tab of the Server document is set to No by default. Response log documents that report that no action was performed by the server are not posted to the Administration Requests database.

Using Space Saver settings

Check the Space Saver settings of ADMIN4.NSF on all servers because these settings do not replicate in the domain. Ensure that Remove documents not modified in the last # days is checked and that the value entered for this setting is a reasonable number, depending on how long you want to keep the history of the activity of the administration requests. For example, choose a number less than 90 days.

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This information is stored in Catalog documents. If you run the catalog, you can create a view that displays this information.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, choose Files and then right-click Administration Requests database.
  2. Choose Properties and click Replication Settings > Space Savers.
  3. Click Remove documents not modified in the last # days is checked and choose a number of days from the list.
  4. Click OK.

Using a Program document to compact the Administration Requests database

Create a Program document that will compact ADMIN4.NSF on the servers in your domain on a regular basis.

Using Selective Replication formulas

Use a selective replication formula to prevent the response Log documents in ADMIN4.NSF from replicating.

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Information in Log documents is a record of the status of the work a server does in response to an administration request. This response Log is interesting to you, the administrator, and to the server that created it, but not to every server in the domain. As a result, you may want to go to the Space Saver section of the database replicator settings of ADMIN4.NSF and create a selective replication formula that prevents Log documents from replicating. Response Log documents have the type Type=AdminLog. Change the type to Type!=AdminLog. Another option is to use a type that only replicates the documents to one server in the domain, therefore, you have only one server on which to check status. After you create this formula, check the box that allows replication formulas to replicate.

For more information on setting up and using replication formulas, see Limiting the contents of a replica in IBM® Domino® Designer 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.