Collecting corruption data for all databases on a server

The automatic detection and collection of corrupted database occurs at database open. The automatic facility will collect any database detected to have corruption within the configuration parameters currently active.


  1. Edit the NOTES.INI file on the Domino® server.
  2. Set the following Domino® configuration variables:
    Table 1. NOTES.INI parameters for automatic database corruption detection
    Parameter Description

    Enables the automatic collection of a corrupted database as detected by the server when the database is opened.

    Set to 1 to enable.

    Note: Upon startup, the Domino® server will enable the function and reset the value of the variable in the NOTES.INI file so that the corrupt database collection is not started on subsequent server restarts without user intervention.

    The maximum number of corrupt databases that will be collected by the server.

    If not set, the default value is 10.

    If set to 0, there will be no limit on the number of corrupt databases collected.


    The limit, in megabytes (MB), of the total size of all collected databases.

    If not set, the default value is 100.

    If set to 0, there will be no limit on the total size of corrupt databases collected.

    DATABASE_CAPTURE_DIRECTORY The directory, relative to the data directory, that will contain the collected databases. The default is IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT\ACDC, placing the corrupted database files into the data\IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT\ACDC directory.


Collected databases have the same name as the source database file with a .cor extension.