Changing update frequency of a full-text index

If a database is already full-text indexed, you can change the existing frequency setting on the Full Text tab of the Database Properties box.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, select the server that stores the database. Make sure that you have at least Designer access in the database ACL.
  2. On the Files tab, select the database for which you want to change the index update frequency.
  3. Choose File > Application > Properties, and click the Full Text tab.
    Note: If you know you want multiple indexes to have the same frequency setting, you can select the databases and use Databases > Full Text Index from the Tools pane to change all their indexes to that setting. However, the Tools pane does not provide a means to check whether databases are indexed or verify current update settings.
  4. In the Update frequency (servers only) box, select one of the options described here.
    Table 1. Update frequency (servers only) options

    Update frequency option

    Updates occur


    Nightly when the Updall server program runs by default at 2 AM


    Every hour, as scheduled by the Chronos server task


    As soon as possible after you close the database


    As scheduled by a program document for the Updall server task in the Domino® Directory

    Note: If you select the Scheduled option and do not create a Program document for Updall, scheduled updates do not occur.
  5. Click OK.