Changing the temporary folder used for view rebuilds

When Domino® rebuilds views -- for example, when you use updall -R or when a user opens a view whose index has been deleted -- it may generate temporary files to sort the data in order to rapidly update the views; Domino® deletes these files after rebuilding the views. By default, these temporary files are located in your system's temporary folder -- for example, C:\TEMP. If your system doesn't have a temporary folder, then Domino® puts the files in the Domino® data folder.

About this task

Depending on the amount of memory available during rebuilding, the space required in the temporary folder for each view being rebuilt is approximately two times the size of the largest view or two times the size of all the data in documents, whichever value is greater. It is recommended that you change the location of the temporary files to a different drive from the Domino® data folder. Putting the temporary folder on a different drive distributes disk I/O and ensures that there is enough space to rebuild views. Domino® is very conservative when estimating the amount of disk space needed for optimized view rebuilds so that it won't spend unnecessary time sorting data only to discover that there's inadequate disk space. Make sure that the temporary folder you specify has plenty of disk space available.


To change the temporary folder used for view rebuilds, add the setting View_Rebuild_Dir to the server's NOTES.INI file and specify a new location. For example, add:


If Domino® estimates that there's not enough space available in the temporary folder to rebuild a specific view, Domino® uses a slower method to rebuild the view and logs this message to the Miscellaneous Events view of the log file (LOG.NSF):

Warning: unable to use optimized view rebuild for view due to
insufficient disk space at directory. Estimate may need
x million bytes for this view. Using standard rebuild instead.

You can add the following setting to the NOTES.INI file to disable optimized view rebuilding. However, do this only as a last resort if you've specified a view rebuild folder and you still see the preceding message for many views. If you see the message for just a few views, don't disable view rebuilding.