Removing a server from a clustered credential store and setting it up with a single-server credential store

Follow these steps to remove a server from a cluster and clustered credential store and set it up as a non-clustered server with a new credential store:


  1. From the server you are removing from the cluster, use the following server console command to export the content of the credential store to a new database:
    keymgmt export credstore <database> <local_server> 
    • <database> is the name of a database to create to store the data.
    • <local_server> is the Notes hierarchical name of the server.
    For example:
    keymgmt export credstore credstorecopy.nsf hubserver/renovations 
  2. Rename the credstore.nsf file on the server. For example, rename it to credstore_orig.nsf
  3. Change the Server document of the server to remove the server from the cluster. Then, restart the server.
  4. Create a named encryption key for the new credential store to be created for the server:
     keymgmt create nek <nekname> 
    For example:
     keymgmt create nek credstorekey 
  5. Use the new key to create a new credential store on the server:
    keymgmt create credstore <nekname>
    For example:
    keymgmt create credstore credstorekey
  6. Populate the new credential store with the data from the database that you created in Step 1.
    keymgmt import credstore <database>
    where <database> is the name of the database. For example:
    keymgmt import credstore credstorecopy.nsf