Moving a single-server credential store to a new cluster

Use the following steps to move a single server and its credential store to a new cluster and clustered credential store. These steps assume the server with the credential store you are moving is the first in the new cluster.


  1. Use the following server console command to export the data in the current credential store to a new database in the data directory on the server:
     keymgmt export credstore <database> <local_server> 
    • <database> is the name of a database to create to store the data.
    • <local_server> is the Notes hierarchical name of the server.
    For example:
    keymgmt export credstore credstorecopy.nsf hubserver/renovations 
  2. Rename the current credstore.nsf file. For example, rename it to credstore_orig.nsf.
  3. Change the Server document to specify the new cluster name and then restart the server.
  4. Create a named encryption key for the new credential store to be created for the cluster:
     keymgmt create nek <nekname> 
    For example,
     keymgmt create nek credstorekey 
  5. Use the key to create a new credential store application on the same server:
    keymgmt create credstore <nekname>
    For example:
    keymgmt create credstore credstorekey
  6. Populate the new credential store application with the data from the database that you created in Step 1.
    keymgmt import credstore <database>
    where <database> is the name of the database. For example:
    keymgmt import credstore credstorecopy.nsf
  7. Verify that the new credstore.nsf file contains all of the documents that were in the original credential store that you renamed in Step 2. Then, you can deleted the original, renamed credential store.
  8. Set up the credential store application on the other servers in the cluster. For more information, see Step 2 in Creating the credential store application in a cluster.