Domino on Docker requirements

Understand the requirements and current limitations for Domino on Docker.

The requirements are as follows:
  • The Docker-compatible Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) 8.6 provided with the Domino container image is supported running on RHEL/CentOS 7.4+ and RHEL 8.0+ or equivalent Linux OS.
  • Docker 20+ or Podman 3.3.0+ installed and configured
Note: As of Domino 12, Pod Manager tool (podman) is a supported containerization runtime. If you use podman, follow the documentation for Domino on Docker, but on the command line replace docker with podman.
In addition, note the following:
  • Converting a non-container-based Domino server to a container-based server is not supported.
  • The Server Controller and Java console are currently not supported for a containerized Domino server.
  • Domino typically runs on TCP port 1352 and this port can only be exposed once per Docker host. To run multiple servers, use different TCP ports for each Domino server or use a dedicated network configuration for each server.