Assigning users to a vault

Only IDs with a parent certifier that has issued a Vault Trust Certificate can be uploaded to an ID vault. To upload IDs to a vault, you specify the vault name in the ID Vault tab of a Security Settings document that is added to a policy document.

About this task

You can add the Security Settings document to any type of policy.

Use any of the following methods to add a vault name to a user policy:

  • Create or edit a policy manually. This is the recommended approach unless your policy structure is very simple.
  • Add or edit a policy when you create a vault: from the Configuration tab of the HCL Domino® Administrator, click Tools > ID Vaults > Create, and complete Step 7 in the tool.
  • Add or edit a policy after you create the vault using the ID Vaults > Manage tool: from the Configuration tab of the Domino® Administrator, select the vault document in the Security > ID Vaults view of the Domino® Directory, click Tools > ID Vaults > Manage, and perform the task Create or edit vault policy settings.

There will be a slight delay before policy changes take effect on a server. Restart a vault server to put the policy changes in its Domino® Directory replica into effect immediately.

On an ID vault database, select the Advanced ACL option Do not modify names fields.

Note: The ID Vaults > Create and ID Vaults > Manage tools both provide the option to create a group of home servers and assign the group to a dynamic policy.