Adding or removing vault administrators

Vault administrators can add and remove other vault administrators, add and remove vault replicas, delete IDs from a vault, mark IDs inactive, restore inactive IDs, and delete a vault. When you create a vault, you must specify at least one vault administrator. However, specifying more than one vault administrator is recommended for administrative backup.

About this task

To be added as a vault administrator, a user must have Administrators access to the server that is open in the HCL Domino® Administrator. You can specify individual names only, not group names.

Note: A vault administrator assigned to the Auditor role in the vault database ACL can extract an ID from a vault to gain access to a user's encrypted data.


  1. Open the Domino® Administrator and the and click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click the Security > ID Vaults view and select the vault document of the vault you are managing.
  3. Click Tools > ID Vaults > Manage, and then select the task Add or remove vault administrators.


The names of vault administrators are added to the vault database ACL and to the vault document in the Security > ID Vaults view of the Domino® Directory.