Administration ECL key

In order to provide more flexibility to users, especially in organizations that do not allow users to modify their own ECLs, administrators can set the execution rights of the current ECL owner during workstation ECL refresh and replace.

Add the key string <ECLOwner> as an entry in the Admin ECL. You then give that entry the ECL rights that are appropriate for a workstation user. For example, if you want to give users the ability to write and execute basic HCL Notes® programs on their own workstations, you would enable the appropriate rights for this entry.

When a workstation ECL is refreshed or replaced, the <ECLOwner> entry is replaced with the name of the current user. This updates the user's workstation ECL rights with those set in the Admin ECL for the key string entry.

If this key string entry is not included in the Admin ECL, and if Allow user to modify is not enabled, the current user entry is removed from the workstation ECL during ECL replace. If Allow user to modify is enabled, the current user remains in the Workstation ECL

Refreshing the ECL without the key string leaves the current user's entry as is.