Deploying and updating workstation ECLs

If you create an Admin ECL prior to registering users, that Admin ECL is deployed automatically to user workstations when users run the Notes® setup during install. You can also deploy and maintain ECLs through the use of policies, which allow you to deploy create and deploy ECLs on a group or organizational basis, as well as define the frequency and extent to which workstation ECLs are updated.

About this task

If you edit the administration ECL after users run setup, and you are not using a security policy, you can use one of the following procedures to update user workstation ECLs.

  • Use the @Refresh ECL function, through a memo or common database event
  • Have users update their ECLs through the User Security dialog box.

To use the @RefreshECL function to update workstation ECLs

This procedure enables users to update their workstation ECL by running a macro that copies the current administration ECL to the local workstation ECL.


  1. Make sure the Domino® Directory with the ECL changes has replicated throughout the domain.
  2. Address a memo to users whose ECLs you want to update.
  3. Add a button to the memo that executes this formula:
    @RefreshECL (server

    Where server : database is a text list that specifies the server location and file name of the Domino® Directory (NAMES.NSF) that contains the administration ECL; and name is text that specifies the name of the administration ECL. Specify "" (null) if you have not named the administration ECL. For example, for an unnamed administration ECL located in NAMES.NSF on the server SERVER1, the @RefreshECL formula is:

    Note: For MIME-enabled users who lose their active content in mail messages, add the button to a document in a particular Notes® database and tell those users to go there to update their ECLs.
  4. Describe the purpose of the memo and instruct users to click the button.
  5. Mail the memo.
    Tip: Add the @Refresh ECL function to a common database event, so that all users in the organization can use it to update their ECLs.

To use the Refresh button to update workstation ECLs


  1. Make sure the Domino® Directory with the ECL changes has replicated throughout the domain.
  2. Address an email to users whose ECLs you want to update.
  3. Describe the purpose of the email and instruct the users to do the following:
    1. Choose File > Security > User Security.
    2. Click What Others Do, and then click one of the following:
      • Using LotusScript
      • Using Java
      • Using JavaScript
    3. Click Refresh All
  4. Send the message.


Even after you distribute an updated ECL, users might still encounter Execution Security Alerts. Make sure that users:
  • Do not trust any actions with -No Signature-
  • Check with you before trusting any odd or unfamiliar signatures, or before clicking Execute once for templates or applications signed with odd or unfamiliar signatures.

Investigate signatures that users report to you and, if necessary, update and redistribute the administration ECL.