Specifying the number of threads used by the Web server

An HTTP request is processed by a thread. A thread, in turn, can handle a number of network connections. You can specify the number of threads the Web server can process. In general, the number of threads specified is an indication of the number of users who can access the server simultaneously.

About this task

If the number of active threads is reached, the Domino® server queues new requests until another request finishes and threads become available. The more power your machine has, the larger the number of threads you should specify. If your machine spends too much time on overhead tasks, such as swapping memory, specify a smaller number of threads.


  1. Open the Server document you want to edit, and click Edit Server.
  2. Click the Internet Protocols - HTTP tab.
  3. Under Basics, enter a number for Number active threads. The default is 40.