Running Web agents

You can specify whether Web application agents -- that is, agents triggered by browser clients -- can run at the same time. These include application agents invoked by the WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave form events, and for agents invoked by the URL command OpenAgent.

About this task

If you choose to enable this option, the agents run asynchronously. Otherwise, the server runs one agent at a time.

You should set an execution time limit for Web application agents. The purpose of the time limit is to prevent Web agents from running indefinitely and using server resources. However, do not rely on this mechanism for the routine shutdown of agents. When the server shuts down an offending agent, resources that the agent was using (such as disk files) may remain open.


  1. Open the Server document you want to edit.
  2. Choose Internet Protocols - Domino® Web Engine. Under Web Agents, complete these fields:
    Table 1. Web Agents fields



    Run Web agents concurrently?

    Choose one:

    • Enabled -- To allow more than one agent to run on the Web server at the same time (asynchronously)
    • Disabled (default) -- To run only one agent at a time (serially)

    Web agent timeout

    The maximum number of seconds (elapsed clock time) for which a Web application agent is allowed to run. If you enter 0 for the value (default value), Web application agents can run indefinitely.

    Note: This setting has no effect on scheduled agents or other types of server or workstation agents.