Application security

Restrict access to Domino® applications to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to information.

Table 1. Tasks for restricting access



Use the ACL to restrict application access.

Control Notes® and Internet/intranet user and Domino® server access to an application.

Enforce a consistent ACL.

Protects databases and templates on the server by forcing all changes to the ACL at a single location.

Encrypt applications

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing an application locally on a server or workstation.

Sign an application or template.

Identify the creator of an application or template. When a user accesses the application, the signature is checked to determined whether the action is allowed.

For example, on a Domino® server the Agent Manager verifies the signature of an agent and checks whether the signer has the rights to perform the action. On a Notes® client, the signature is checked against the signer's rights in the workstation ECL.

Encrypt incoming and outgoing Notes® mail.

Ensure that only the intended recipient can read mail.

Electronically sign mail messages.

Verify that the person who sends the message is the author and that no one has tampered with the data.