New template signing ID uses 2048-bit keys

A new template signing ID, CN=Domino Template Development/O=Domino, provides stronger encryption using 2048-bit keys. Templates that are new or modified in Notes and Domino 12 are signed with the new ID.

Notes 12 clients provisioned with default ECL settings include the new ID in the ECL so don't show ECL alerts when opening databases signed with the new ID.
Note: If the Allow users to modify setting is not enabled in the administration ECL, to prevent alerts for Notes 12 clients, edit and save the administration ECL.

Pre-12 Notes clients with ECLs set by administrators see ECL alerts when opening databases and templates signed by CN=Domino Template Development/O=Domino. To avoid the alerts, Domino administrators can update administrator ECL's in the Domino directory to include the new signing ID with proper permissions. For instructions, see Editing administration ECLs.