Components no longer included in this release

The following components are no longer included.

Components no longer included as of 12.0.1:
  • The IBM WebSphere plugin is no longer provided with HCL Domino® and the notes.ini setting HTTPEnableConnectorHeaders is obsolete. These were used by authentication proxies.
Components no longer included as of 12.0:
  • Notes Client Single Logon. This feature, which synchronized Notes and Windows passwords, is no longer available and has been removed as an HCL Notes® client install option. Note that this is a different feature than Notes shared login, which continues to be supported.
  • The Notes preloader is no longer included with the Notes install kit.
  • The Web Administrator template, webadmin.ntf, is no longer included with Domino.
  • The Notes 8 theme in the Notes client is deprecated. If you currently use it, after you upgrade to Notes 12, the Notes 11 theme is used.