Customizing resource-balancing behavior

Customizing resource-balancing behavior is an advanced feature. Therefore, unless you know how changes will affect the outcome of resource balancing, use the default settings.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server - Performance tab, expand the Activity Trends section, and click Resource Balancing.
  2. Choose Resource Balancing - Options to open the Server Profile Options dialog box.
  3. Expand the Balancing section, and then click Advanced.
  4. Under Resource Balancing Behavior, choose one:
    • Minimize Moves -- To minimize the number of moves made, even though the balance may not be as accurate when completed.
    • Balance Moves and Accuracy -- To allow more moves, in an effort to reach a higher level of accuracy.
    • Maximize Accuracy -- To allow as many moves as it takes to get the most accurate resource balance.
  5. Under When submitting a resource balancing plan choose one of these:
    • Automatically Select Server -- to automatically locate the server in the domain that has the Domino® Change Control database (DOMCHANGE.NSF). This is the default.
    • Use Local Database Replica -- and then enter the path to use a replica of the Domino® Change Control database (DOMCHANGE.NSF) located on the local drive.
    • Use Remote Server -- and then enter the name of the server that has the Domino® Change Control database (DOMCHANGE.NSF).
  6. Under Bin Sizes, choose the percentage for each bin:
    • Light Bin -- Default is 30%
    • Middle Bin -- Default is 40%
    • Heavy Bin -- Default is 30%
  7. For the field Enter server resource capacities as relative values when editing server properties, do one:
    • Check Yes (default) to specify server resource capabilities relative to other servers in the list.
    • Uncheck Yes to specify actual values, such as the number of transactions per day or the total amount of available disk space.
  8. For the field Use server volume and file system information when resource balancing, do one:
    • Check Yes (default) to use the volume information, such as physical volumes and their sizes that comprise the space available to Domino®.
    • Uncheck Yes to ignore volume information and use the total amount of space on the server, treating all space as flat.
  9. For the field "Warning when data is older than n days," enter the number of days before a warning is generated. The default is 7 days. Then if you create a resource-balancing plan and the data is older than 7 days, you receive a warning that the resulting plan will be based on old data.
  10. Choose one of the following options to set Resource Balancing behavior defaults:
    • Use Defaults -- To revert to previously saved custom defaults.
    • Save as Defaults -- To save a custom set of defaults and override the system defaults.
    • Reset Defaults -- To revert to the system defaults.