Verifying that the cluster was created correctly

There are a number of ways you can check that the cluster was created correctly.

About this task

Perform any of these steps to confirm that the cluster was created correctly:

Table 1. Cluster confirmation tasks


What you should see

From the Domino® Administrator, expand Clusters in the Server pane.

The name of the cluster followed by the names of the cluster servers.

From the Domino® Administrator, click a cluster server in the Server pane, and then click the Files tab.

The title Cluster Directory in the Tasks pane. This shows that Domino® created the Cluster Database Directory.

Compare the replica IDs of the Cluster Database Directories on each cluster server.

The same replica ID on each server.

From the server console, send the following command:

show cluster

The name of the cluster, some statistics for the current server, and the names of all the cluster servers.

You can also use Cluster Analysis to generate reports that show if there are any configuration problems in the cluster.