Creating replicas in a cluster

To create replicas in a cluster, you use the same Administration Process you would use to create replicas on any server.

HCL Domino® lets you use one procedure to create multiple replicas on multiple servers simultaneously. This makes it easy to populate the clusters with the replicas you want. While creating the replicas, you can select Show me only cluster members for cluster: cluster name in the Create Replica dialog box to see which servers are in each cluster. You can then create replicas on every cluster server you want.

Replicating unread marks

You should also determine which databases should replicate unread marks to other replicas in the cluster. When you replicate unread marks, every replica looks the same when a user fails over. The user cannot tell that failover occurred. In addition, unread marks help users track the status of documents. It is advisable to replicate unread marks in mail databases. However, replicating unread marks in very busy, multi-user databases might use enough processing power to have an effect on performance. Therefore, you should consider how important it is to replicate unread marks in these databases.

By default, databases do not replicate unread marks. Therefore, you should change the replication setting for databases that you want to replicate unread marks.