Uploading multiple IDs to an ID vault using a CSV file

Vault administrators can manually upload multiple user ID files specified in a CSV file to an ID vault.

Before you begin

  • Users must be registered with Notes IDs and be assigned to a vault through a Security Settings policy.
  • You must be a vault administrator for the ID vault to which you are uploading the ID files.
  • The CSV file must have two, comma-separated columns. In the first column, specify the complete path to each ID file. In the second column, provide the password for each ID file. Use the UTF-8 character set and do not include a header row. For example:example of a csv file with ID file paths and passwords
  • This feature requires an HCL Notes or HCL Domino Administrator 12 or later client.

About this task

This operation will display a report showing which if any IDs failed to upload and why. It does no harm to attempt upload of an ID that's already in the vault.


  1. Open the People view of the Domino directory.
  2. Right-click any Person document and select Upload ID files to ID Vault.
  3. Select CSV Import.
  4. Browse for and select the CSV file you've prepared.
  5. Click OK.


A report indicates if any ID files fail to upload and why. No harm is done if you upload ID files that are already in the ID vault.