Disabling SwiftFile

SwiftFile is integrated with HCL Notes® starting in Notes 11.0.1. If you do not want your users to use SwiftFile, use the notes.ini setting DisableSwiftFile=1 to disable it on Notes clients.

About this task

SwiftFile is an intelligent assistant for Notes that helps users organize e-mail into folders. To use SwiftFile, users enable it by selecting Enable SwiftFile in the SwiftFile tab of Notes preferences. For more information on SwiftFile, see the HCL Notes documentation.

To disable SwiftFile, use the Custom Settings tab of a Desktop Settings policy to configure the setting DisableSwiftFile=1. When this setting is deployed, although users can select the Enable SwiftFile preference, doing so has no effect and the SwiftFile folders are not available.

For information on using SwiftFile, see the HCL Notes documentation.