Password synchronization statistics: domain controller

The following statistics for the domain controller are available.

Table 1. Domain controller statistics
Statistic Description
PasswordSync.Config.DebugLevel Debug logging level.
PasswordSync.Config.LastUpdated Time of last configuration change.
PasswordSync.Config.LocalDA Path of the directory assistance database on the domain controller relative to the data directory. A replica should exist on the Domino domain administration server.
PasswordSync.Config.NextUpdateCheck The next time the domain controller background thread will check for configuration changes.
PasswordSync.Config.PrimaryDirectory The file path of the Domino directory on the domain controller relative to the data directory.
PasswordSync.Config.RefreshIntervalSeconds How often the configuration data in the primary directory is checked for changes.
PasswordSync.Config.RequestExpirationMinutes How long a password change request document remains before being deleted. It could remain for several reasons, most likely due to unavailability of Request Processor servers.
PasswordSync.Config.StatOutputSeconds How often stats are output.
PasswordSync.Config.StoragePath File path of the Password Change Request database used to copy requests to a Request Processor server, relative to the data directory.
PasswordSync.Request.Create.GUID.Matched The number of password change notifications from Windows that matched a user in the Domino directory pointed to by directory assistance.
PasswordSync.Request.Create.Success The number of password change requests that were successful.
PasswordSync.Request.Transfer.<server>.Success The number of password change requests transferred successfully to a particular Request Processor server.
PasswordSync.Request.*.Error.* Stats related to password synchronization request errors.