Monitoring Directory Sync

Use the following methods to monitor Directory Sync, in addition to monitoring the output of Directory Sync (Dirsync) at the server console and in log.nsf.

About this task

Table 1. Methods to monitor Directory Sync
Option Description
Look at the Status tab of the Directory Sync Configuration document in the Domino® directory. (Open the document from the Configuration > Directory > Directory Sync view). This tab provides the following information:
  • Sync state:
    0 - Invalid configuration
    1 - Idle
    3 - Checking new changes to NAB for Active Directory field violations
    4 - Syncing from Active Directory to NAB
    Note: State 3 is checking for field values modified in the Domino® directory that don't match the values synced from Active Directory. When such modifications are found, the values are reverted to the Active Directory value.
  • Last sync time
  • Sync state status (Status after the last sync. Also shown in the Directory Sync view).
  • Last sync warning:
    • Incremental "Since" state (The accrued number of Active Directory changes)
    • Skipped "Problem" Entries - Duplicate Notes® names
    • Skipped "Problem" Entries - Invalid Notes® names
    • Skipped "Problem" Entries - Others
Use DirSync statistics For more information, see Using statistics to monitor Directory Sync.
Use the tell dirsync show console command Shows information about the Directory Sync configuration. If you contact Support about a Directory Sync issue, provide the output of this command to help in troubleshooting.