Setting Domino® Administrator preferences

To customize your Domino® Administrator work environment, set optional preferences.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, select File > Preferences > Administration Preferences.
  2. Set preferences in any of the following categories.
    Table 1. Overview of preferences




    • Select domains to administer
    • Add, edit, or delete domains
    • Set domain location setting
    • Select domain directory server
    • Specify Domino® Administrator startup settings
    • Show Administrator home page
    • Refresh Server Bookmarks


    • Customize which columns appear on the Files tab
    • Change the order in which columns appear
    • Limit the types of files that the Domino® Administrator retrieves


    • Configure global settings used to monitor the server
    • Enable server health statistics and reports


    • Select global settings to use to register users, servers, and certifiers


    • Select global settings for statistic reporting and charting
    • Enable statistic alarms while monitoring statistics

What to do next

As a Domino® administrator, you may also find certain tools and preferences for LotusScript® and JavaScript debugging in the Domino® Designer client useful. For more information, see HCL Domino® Designer Help.