Hiding folders in the Files tab of the Domino Administrator

Use the server notes.ini setting ADMIN_CLIENT_SKIP_DIRECTORIES to prevent specified folders in the Domino data directory from displaying in the Files tab of the Domino Administrator.

About this task

Use this feature to hide specified Domino folders that you don't interact with so that the Domino Administrator doesn't load them and the folders that you do interact with will load more quickly. Hiding a folder prevents a server from loading the folder and any of its subfolders, which can save significant time with some hidden folders.

The following table describes the options for this setting. If you use the ADMIN_CLIENT_SKIP_DOMINO setting to control whether the data/domino folder is loaded, any of these settings take precedence.

Best practice is to apply this setting through the NOTES.INI tab of a Configuration Settings document that applies to all servers.

Note: This feature applies only when the Administration preference Retrieve only Domino file types (faster). Includes NSF, NTF, BOX etc. is enabled. To see this preference, from the Domino Administrator select File > Preferences > Administration Preferences and select the Files tab.
Setting Description
ADMIN_CLIENT_SKIP_DIRECTORIES= <folder>, <folder> Hides specified folders. Specify folder names relative to the data directory. Use a comma (,) or semicolon (;) as a delimiter. To hide the data/domino or data/xsp folders, you must specify them.

To hide a specific subfolder but not the parent folder, specify the subfolder but not the parent folder.

Examples of folders that you probably do not want to hide are folders that contain .nsf or .ntf files.

ADMIN_CLIENT_SKIP_DIRECTORIES= 1 Hides the data\domino folder.
ADMIN_CLIENT_SKIP_DIRECTORIES= 0 Hides no folders, shows all, including data\domino and data\xsp.
Note: If ADMIN_CLIENT_SKIP_DIRECTORIES is not specified, the data\domino and data\xsp folders are hidden.

For example: