Rename common name

If you use the Directory Sync feature, when the names of users change in Active Directory, this request changes the users' common names in Domino.

Rename Common Name in Domino Directory

Triggered by: Renaming a user in Active Directory who is linked to a Notes registered user. The Dirsync task detects the change and creates the request in the Administration Requests database on the administration server for the Domino directory. To initiate the rename, select entries in the Rename Common Name Requests view of the Administration Requests database and choose the action Complete rename for selected entries.

Carried out on: The server from where you choose the Complete rename for selected entries action.

Carried out: According to the Interval setting for the Administration Process in the Server document.

Result: Approves the rename and triggers a Initiate rename in Domino Directory request. For information about this request and the requests it spawns, see the topic Rename person.