Configuration enhancements for DAOS tier 2 storage

Domino 11.0.1 introduces the following enhancements to DAOS tier 2 storage.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is now a supported storage service. In addition, the Tier 2 Storage section of the DAOS tab of the Domino Server document includes the following new configuration fields:
  • S3 Region. This field is added to accommodate storage services that include an S3 region. Note that if you previously specified an AWS S3 region in the S3 Endpoint field, your configuration continues to work in 11.0.1 without changes.
  • Push objects only between. Use this new field to specify the range of time to push attachments to tier 2 storage. Default is between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM.
  • Index T2 attachments. This new field allows you to control whether to rebuild the full-text indexes of attachments in tier 2 storage when the indexer runs. By default in this release, the full-text indexes are not rebuilt. If you enable indexing of tier 2 attachments, you might incur additional network and transaction fees from your storage service vendor.

For more information, see DAOS tier 2 storage.