Starting and shutting down the Domino® server

Start the Domino® server at the server console.

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Use these command to start and stop the Domino® server.

Note: Do not enter keystrokes or click the mouse while the Domino® server is starting or shutting down. If the server program is running, do not use CTRL+S to stop scrolling the console, because no services take place until you press a key to continue.

To start the server

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Perform the following platform-specific action:

Table 1. Server startup actions per operating system

Operating system


Microsoft Windows

Click Start > All Programs > HCL Applications > HCL Domino Server.


Enter the path for the Domino® program directory. For example, if you installed Domino® in the /opt directory, enter:


IBM® i

Use the following IBM® i command:


Where servername is the name of you Domino® server

To shut down the server

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Type either of the following commands at the console:




It may take ten seconds or more for the server to shut down.

For IBM® i, in addition to Quit and Stop, you can also use the following IBM® i command, where servername is the name of your Domino® server: