Creating, updating, and deleting directory and database links

Directory links and database links are text files that appear as directory or database icons in the Domino® data directory. In the Domino® Administrator and in the Open Application dialog box in the Notes® client, directory links appear to the user as a directory folder icon, and database links appear as a database icon.

About this task

Create the directory link to point to a subdirectory, not to a root directory. For example, create the directory link PROJECTS.DIR to point to the directory D:\PROJECTS\SALES. On a Domino® Server for UNIX, a DIR file can point to /sales but not to /.

Create the database link using the complete path and file name of the database you want to link to. For example, create the database link SALES.NSF to point to the database D:\PROJECTS\SALES\SALES.NSF. Domino® automatically appends the NSF extension to the database name. If you want to move a linked database to another location, delete the old link, create a new database link, and move the database to the new location. When you delete the database link, you remove the link, but not the database link references.