Work with Domino® Servers (WRKDOMSVR)

The Work with Domino® Servers command provides a way to manipulate certain aspects of the Domino® servers on your system.

From this display, you can do any of the following to one or more Domino® servers:

  • Start a server
  • End a server
  • Change the server configuration
  • Display the server console
  • Work with the server console
  • Work with operating system jobs being used by the server
  • Change the working directory
  • Work with object links that are associated with the server
  • Edit the NOTES.INI file
  • Work with support files
  • Work with NSDs
  • Dump server call stacks
  • Create NSD
  • Submit Domino Command
  • Delete Domino Shared Memory

Press F10 with the WRKDOMSVR command to sort the list of Domino® servers in this display either alphabetically, or by the date the server was created.

The special authorities required to execute the different options on the WRKDOMSVR display vary from function to function.