The Configure Domino® Server command allows you to either set up a Domino® server to run natively on your system, or to completely remove an existing Domino® server. When configuring a Domino® server, you have the option of setting up a first Domino® server, or adding a Domino® server to an existing Domino® domain


You can use the CFGDOMSVR command to set the following parameters:

  • Data directory
  • Organization
  • Administrator
  • Time zone
  • Daylight savings time
  • Get Domino® Directory from (*ADD only)
  • Domino® Directory Type (*ADD only)
  • Additional server ID (*ADD only)
  • Web browsers
  • Internet mail packages
  • SMTP services (With Domino® 8, values entered into this field are ignored.)
  • Directory services
  • News readers (With Domino® 8, values entered into this field are ignored.)
  • Connection services
  • Advanced services
  • Default ACL settings
  • Text description
  • JVM version

You can set the following additional parameters by pressing F10:

  • Replace configuration
  • Domain name
  • Network name
  • Country/region code
  • Organizational unit
  • Certifier ID
  • Administrator ID
  • Server ID
  • Start server
  • Start when TCP/IP is started
  • Log replication events
  • Log client session events
  • TCP/IP port options
  • Server host name
  • Subsystem and object names
  • Collation
  • Copy Administrator ID file
  • Additional services

To use the CFGDOMSVR command, you must have the following special authorities: