Uninstalling a Domino® partitioned server

You can remove all server partitions from a computer or you can remove just one server partition.

To remove all Domino partitions on a computer


  1. Run the Uninstall program that comes with your operating system.
  2. Delete the Domino® data directories for those partitions.

To remove one Domino partition


  1. Save any files you want, and then delete the Domino® data directory for the partition that you want to uninstall.
  2. If the Domino® partition used a unique IP address, disable support for the IP address. Do this only if you added the IP address when you set up the partition. If the Domino® partition used the computer host name as its Domino® server name, do not disable its IP address.
  3. If the partitioned server used port mapping, edit the NOTES.INI file of the port-mapping partition so that it no longer refers to the Domino® partition you want to remove. If you are uninstalling the port-mapping partition, set up another Domino® partition to do the port-mapping.