dominoUNID operational attribute

The Domino® LDAP service supports Universal Notes® IDs (UNID) through 32-character values of the dominoUNID operational attribute. Designed for use with advanced LDAP applications, it allows them to uniquely identify documents in the Domino Directory even when the directory object's FullName/ListName (LDAP DN), ShortName (LDAP uid), or other normally identifying field values change.

About this task

While this attribute is fully available to customers deploying a Domino Directory for Domino 7 and later releases, those using Domino Directories created prior to Domino 7 will need to do the following to make dominoUNID fully available:


  1. Reload the LDAP schema by using the tell ldap reloadschema command.
  2. In the domain Configuration Settings document of the primary Domino Directory, click Select Attribute Types next to the setting Choose fields that anonymous users can query via LDAP. The LDAP Attribute Type Selection dialog box appears. From here, you can either:
    • add the dominoUNID attribute automatically by clicking Use Default Values. All default attributes for Anonymous users will be selected.
    • manually add dominoUNID by choosing the wildcard class (*) in the Object Classes drop-down list. This option is recommended if you have customized your attribute list for Anonymous.