Using the Domino MIB with your SNMP management station

To access any Domino® server's objects in the Domino MIB, you must load the Domino MIB on your SNMP management station.

About this task

Refer to your management station documentation for details on adding MIBs. The name of the Domino MIB file is domino.mib. This file can be found in the Domino executable directory of any Domino 7 server or newer.

Note: The Domino MIB is actually used by the Domino server, specifically the QuerySet add-in task, so a copy of the Domino MIB must remain in the Domino executable directory.

If you are running multiple versions of the Domino SNMP Agent in your network, for instance, because of migration, your management stations should use the MIB corresponding to the latest installed version of the Domino SNMP Agent.