Configuring traps for NetView for AIX

If you are using NetView® for IBM® AIX® as your management platform and using the Domino® SNMP Agent to forward Domino events, you can make these events more readable.


  1. Copy the trap configuration script,, to your management workstation. This file can be found in the Domino executable directory of any Domino 7 or later server.
  2. Stop the NetView demons. Enter this command:
  3. Start the NetView demon trapd. Enter this command:
    ovstart trapd

    Having traps running causes traps to be updated as the script runs. See the NetView trapd man pages for more details.

  4. As root, run the trap configuration script,, that you copied in step 1. Enter this command:

    You receive a message for each trap added.

  5. Restart NetView. Enter this command:


Note: To remove these traps, log in as root, and run:
removetrap -n "Notes®"

Upon completion, you receive the message Enterprise has been removed.