Sucache refresh

Forces a dynamic reloading of the Smart Upgrade configuration information, displays the state of the Domino® server's Smart Upgrade cache information, and displays Smart Upgrade statistics gathered when the Domino server was restarted.


 Sucache refresh


The following is an example of the output that is generated by the sucache refresh command:

Server.SmartUpgrade.Database = smupdate.nsf
Server.SmartUpgrade.Database.ReplicaID = 006D4604:85256B83
Server.SmartUpgrade.Governor = Enabled
Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Allowed = 3
Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Current = 0
Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Maximum = 10
Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Peak = 1
Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Rejected = 0
8 statistics found

The Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Maximum =10 value is the maximum concurrent number of Smart Upgrade attempts that are allowed when the Smart Upgrade Governor is enabled based on the Domino server's configuration.

The Server.SmartUpgrade.Users.Rejected is the number of Smart Upgrade attempts that were rejected on this Domino server because the server was already at the maximum concurrent number allowed in the configuration.