Keymgmt Export

Exports a copy of an existing credential store application (credstore.nsf).


This command creates a credential store application file called filename in the directory data\IBM_CredStore on the Domino® server specified in the command by servername.

Then Domino creates a copy of every document in the original credstore.nsf and stores it in the new application file. The filename is relative to the directory from which you launched the Domino server. If the file name does not already include the extension .key, Domino adds it.

Note: If any document being copied has an encrypted bulk key, the document is decrypted and re-encrypted with the public key of the Domino server specified in the command by servername.


 KEYMGMT EXPORT credstore filename servername 


To export the credential store to a database called credstore_renovations.nsf on the server renovations_sales, enter:

KEYMGMT EXPORT credstore credstore_renovations.nsf renovations_sales