Planning to use pass-through servers

If you anticipate high traffic through the IBM® Domino® pass-through server, create a dedicated pass-through server.

About this task

A dedicated pass-through server does not contain applications and mail databases. It functions solely to provide workstations and servers with access to destination servers. Also determine if you want to use more than one pass-through server in a hunt group. In a hunt group, one phone number represents all pass-through servers in the group, and the load is automatically spread among the pass-through servers. Set up all pass-through servers in a hunt group to pass through to the same destination servers.


  1. List all the workstations and servers that need to access a pass-through server. Also list the protocols that the workstations and servers run.
  2. List the destination servers that the workstations and servers need to access. Also list the protocols that the destination servers run.
  3. Determine where in the topology to locate the pass-through server based on which workstations and servers need access and which servers are the destinations. The pass-through server must run all of the protocols that the workstations and servers that access it run, as well as all of the protocols of the destination servers.
  4. Determine the users and servers whose access to the pass-through servers and destination servers you need to restrict. Create policy settings documents that include setup and desktop settings to prevent access to the servers.
  5. List the IBM® Notes® client users that need to use a pass-through server and determine a default pass-through server for each. If you have many Notes® client users, create user setup policies to evenly assign them among the default pass-through servers to ensure optimal server performance.

    If you plan to use hunt groups, list which Notes® client users will connect to each hunt group. Record the name and phone number of the hunt group and the names of all the destination servers that members of the hunt group pass through to.